Fall Masterclass Series

One of the greatest challenges for music students is the audition process. The audition is a make or break for students and can deter a potentially great musicians from progressing beyond high school if they are not successful at the audition process. With the advent of technology such as the internet which has increased access to digital content and the highly profitable marketing behind said digital genres students often overlook the technical proficiency of playing an instrument or learning to read music. Reading music and technical proficiency on ones instrument are key to a successful audition. This masterclass series aims to better prepare students in middle and high school on the audition process by grouping students by instrument class with a college professor who will be able to accurately assess the students development.

The Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation in partnership with the DC Dept of Parks and Recreation announce the launch of our masterclass series for music students in grades 5-12 with the goal of preparing students for the process of auditioning for college/university music programs, music competitions or even first chair or section leader of their school ensemble. The masterclass will focus on assessing students knowledge of scales, basic music theory, sight reading and include tips on beginning jazz improvisation.

Click here for registration: https://musicmaster.splashthat.com/