DC Jazz Leaders in Service Awards Gala

The Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation proudly hosts the D.C. Jazz Leaders in Service Awards Gala in which we honor six leaders from the Washington, D.C. music industry who have dedicated their lives to presenting, promoting, educating and performing Jazz music. This year we are also very proud to honor Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) as the head of the Congressional Jazz Caucus. This will be a ticketed event and proceds will directly benefit the Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation.

Honorees this year:

Ben and Bethanya Kibour – Owner of Jojos Restaurant and Bar
Sharon Clark – International Jazz Vocalist
Keith Killgo – Grammy Nominated Jazz Percussionist and Music Educator
Michael Bowie – International Jazz Bassist
Marshall Keys – International Jazz Saxophonist
Maija Rejman – International Jazz Vocalist

Past Honorees:

Steve Novosel
Fred Irby III
DeAndrey Howard
Dr. Alice Jamison
Sharon Clark
Sara Donnelly

Lori Williams
Rhonda Buckley
Connaitre Miller
William Brower
John Hasse
Harry Schnipper

Katea Stitt
Sunny Sumter
Kelly Tesfaye
Rusty Hassan
Bobby Felder
Willard Jenkins

Dick Smith
Davey Yarborough
Nasar Abadey
Ellen Carter
Sandra Butler Truesdale
Judith Korey