Our mission is to serve the Washington D.C. jazz community by providing a weekly jam session, an annual jazz festival, and arts advocacy on behalf of D.C. jazz musicians.


Our vision is to financially assist Washington D.C. based jazz musicians, venues, and jazz education programs.

The Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation’s mission would be fulfilled with three main components, two of which are already in operation. The three main components are the Capitol Hill Jazz Jam, the Capitol Hill Jazz Festival, and the D.C. Jazz Lobby.


We intend on assisting D.C. based jazz musicians who seek critical help with the cost of living, instruments/instrument repair or recording/performing opportunities. Musicians who qualify for housing assistance would receive subsidies towards rent or utilities. Musicians who qualify for instrument assistance would receive either a new instrument(s) or repairs to an existing instrument(s) or supplies. Musicians who qualify for recording/performing assistance would have either their performance subsidized and/or recording projects partially subsidized.


We intend on assisting D.C. jazz venues who seek critical help funding repairs, adequately paying musicians, and managing their own jazz programming. Venues that qualify would receive subsidies from us to pay for cosmetic repairs, adequate lighting, professional sound amplification and/or backline equipment (drum set, keyboard, microphones, amplifiers, etc.) Venues that qualify would receive subsidies to pay their musicians at or above the going rate based on the cost of living in the District of Columbia, and would receive funding to hire new staff whose primary duty would be to hire bands, pay musicians, and promote shows at the venue.